Edinburgh and its medieval atmosphere

Photo Edinburgh and its medieval atmosphere

Edinburgh is a city apart. Rich in fortresses and in particular sites, all its specificities reinforce its identity. Indeed, it cannot be compared to any European city. Its geographical situation is unique and walking through the alleys of the old medieval city, we can say that it is a cradle of stories.

Remarkable stories, sometimes barbaric but making you want to know even more. Moreover, this city is endowed with an extraordinary decoration, which recalls the past but always marks the present time.

Cap on the beautiful places of Edinburgh

A place rich in cultural heritage, Edinburgh has various singular architectures, pretty gardens that still exist until today. Indeed, many current movies take place in these places. That's why this city has become popular over the years. Among these famous places, we can mention:

  •  The Saint-Gilles cathedral. Endowed with foundations dating from the twelfth century, this high place of Presbyterianism is one of the oldest and has a resistant construction. The columns and the general architecture of its places make it a unique monument that you absolutely ought to visit.
  •  The National Monument: a large monument with huge columns dating from the mid-nineteenth century. Real scenery of the time of royalty, this spot is also often used for film shoots.
  •  The rocky promontory of Arthur's seat: this natural site is an integral part of Edinburgh's cultural site. Allowing panoramic observation, this ancient volcano (extinct for centuries) is the source of the rocky cape.
  •  The ruins of the abbey: beautiful when the fog arrives in Edinburgh, this abbey offers an atmosphere of tranquility. Previously, they housed the kings and queens of Scotland.
  •  The National Museum of Scotland: known as the temple of culture, it is the one that illuminates the city. Character, to have a more interesting image visit the central hall, the scenery is quite breathtaking.

The atmosphere of the Middle Ages in this cultural city

Given its singularity, this place is desired not only by tourists but by film producers. Indeed, the medieval atmosphere it provides gives more realism to the film and even rolling in the regions and strolling in the streets, we can estimate its cultural and historical values.

The mystery that it offers allows directors and actors to get into their characters. In addition, other environments not very known but make some appearances on the screens, such as the mysterious islands of the west or the north coast, are fabulous for those who love antiquities and adventures. You can also discover natural landscapes and beautiful beaches, perfect for sunbathing.

Turn your own story

Write your story with your family or friends. Go see all the popular places and photograph and/or shoot each moment because having the chance to visit this spectacular city is not offered to all.

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