Find some of the best bars in Edinburgh

Edinburgh bars
Find some of the best bars in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. Edinburgh is a friendly city. People enjoy hanging out with friends and colleagues in the pubs and bars every evening. In fact, bars and pubs are popular venues to catch up on sports and political news and events with friends.

Bars and pubs serve many kinds of beverages and food. Some of the common beverages include beer and whiskey. However, they also serve cocktail drinks with varied ingredients, different kinds of tea, soup, and other types of food. Here are a few picks among the best bars and pubs in Edinburgh.

The best bars in Edinburgh

Most popular bars and pubs are located on South Bridge. Here are a few among the best in Edinburgh. 

  • The Whistlebinkies, which is on South Bridge, 4-6 next to Pizza Paradise. 
  • The Jazz Bar, on Chambers Street, next to Biblos. 
  • The Caves, on Niddry South, 8-10, between Piemaker Fast Food restaurant and the Indian restaurant, Roti. 
  • The Royal Oak, Infirmary Street, 1: The pub is located between Bento Asian Food Bar and Mother India's CafĂ©. It is a friendly pub, with live folk music. It is open every night. 
  • The Tron, on the corner of South Bridge and Hunter Square, 9: The pub is located just next to the Scotland Shop and the Heritage of Edinburgh gift shop.

Other bars and pubs are located in the other parts of the city. Here are a few among the best ones: 

  • The Brass Monkey: It is located in front of the Quincentenary Hall, in Drummond Street, 14. The pub is among the top-rated ones in Edinburgh. It is open every day from 11:00 a.m. to 01:00 a.m. 
  • 10 Wine Bar: It is located in on Hill Place Street, next to Ten Hill Place Hotel. You can taste different kinds of wine. 
  • White Horse Oyster & Seafood Bar: The pub is located at Canongate, 266, between Robert Graham's and The Royal Mile Gallery. It is across from the Old Police Call Box Monument, and Edimburgh Art Apartments. 
  • Hemma: The pub is located on Holyrood Road. The opening hours are different every day. The pub closes earlier on Monday and Sunday evenings. You should check the daily opening hours on the spot, or by calling at their number. 
  • Tollbooth Tavern: This pub is located on Canongate, 167 between The People's Story Museum and Hamilton & Young Jewelry Designers. Across from the pub, there are great shops where you can shop for gifts and crafts.

Have a good time at Edinburgh's best bars

If you want to have a good time with your friends, think about going to Edinburgh and hang out at Edinburgh's best bars and pubs. Pubs are open for everybody, but not only to those who drink beer and alcoholic beverages.

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