A week-end in Edinburgh : our two days program

Week-end in Edinburgh
A week-end in Edinburgh : our two days program

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, in the United Kingdom. It is a big city with many tourist attractions. Read and discover our two-day program for a weekend in this fascinating city.

Explore Edinburgh in two days

Day 1 

  • Visit a landmark: Marvel at the Craigmillar Castle. This medieval castle is located at Craigmillar Castle Road. It is open for tourists to visit. After that, head to the Standing Stone archaeological site, which is located at Ravenswood Avenue. 
  • Visit a Nature reserve: Go to Bawsinch Nature Reserve, at Duddingston Road West. It is located a few miles from the city center. The reserve is home to notable bird species and rare plants. Admission to the reserve is free. 
  • See the sights: In the afternoon, visit Holyrood Park. Go up The Neither Hill and on Crow Hill for a beautiful view of the landscape. The view is more fascinating in the evening, especially when the sun sets. It is so romantic!

Day 2 

  • Visit museums: Explore the Museum of Childhood on Highway Street. It is the biggest museum in Edinburgh. Visit other fascinating museums, like Talbot Rice Gallery on the corner of West College Street and South College Street. Then, head to the National Museum of Scotland on Chambers Street. 
  • Shop for souvenirs: To finish your visit in Edinburgh, you may want to bring back some souvenirs. There are gift shops on High Street, just next to the Museum of Childhood, particularly The Best of Scottish, Really Scottish and The Boy Wizard. Other gift shops are available in the neighborhood, particularly Campbells of Scotland, The Heritage Clearance Store, and Real Scot Shop.
  • If you are interested in jewelry, the best place to go is at Hamilton & Young, which is on High Street, 32. You can also go to the Celtic Jewelry and Gemstones if you are interested in Celtic pieces of jewelry. You may also go a bit further to Highland Gems, High Street.
  • For other souvenirs, you may still go up to St Mary's Street and shop for leather bags, shoes at Mackenzie Leather. If you have a passion for vintage products, go to the Antiques Shop in St Mary's Street, 11. 
  • Socialize at the best pub in Edinburgh: To finish your stay in this lovely city, spend some time at one of the best bars or pubs in Edinburgh. If you want to stay in the same area after shopping for souvenirs, you can go to Waverley pub. Pubs are iconic in the Scottish culture; that is why it is a good idea to spend some time at a pub on your last day in Edinburgh. Taste the Scottish Whisky, and bring some back home.

Where to stay in Edinburgh?

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